Soar With Us, Be an Entreplanner

The only way to start off right is to join the ones who'll point you in the right direction. We have the right platform, environment and resources at your disposal. And if you really shine in our coaching and training programme, you'll have the opportunity to join our overseas attachment programme with our strategic partners in the region. It's a privilege not to be missed. And the best part, NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

What Does It Take To Be An Entreplanner


  • Diploma holders and above (any field), fresh graduates are welcomed.
  • Preferably aged 23-28 years (if otherwise, that's fine with us as well).
  • Required language: Chinese and English.
  • Candidate who possesses a go-getter attitude and willing to venture in an entrepreneuring career in financial servicing sector.

Breakfast Club
(90 days)

You will be exposed the groundwork of financial services. It's the fundamental learning experience you'll need to master in this step to enable you to dive into the world of wealth management.

Once you've captured the fundamentals, it's time for you to attend the Discovery Camp. Here you'll experience and discover first hand your inner strength and ability to strive towards success. The Camp is designed with trainings to bring out the best in you, in whatever you do.

Entreplanner Coaching
(12 months)

In this coaching programme, you'll delve deeper into the intermediate level of financial services. You'll be coached not just about the services, but how to better yourself at it. It's about the setting mindset and attitude you'll need to be a good entreplanner and team manager in future.

Entrepreneur in Financial Consulting
(12 months)

In this phase, you'll be independent enough to run your show, if you have what it takes already and prove to have all the knowledge, skills and mindset to be an entrepreneur. This is to prepare yourself to soar to greater heights, challenge yourself to be a team leader.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

- Helen Keller -